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Last Updated on 19 July 2012
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House Paintings

The liquid which has the ability of drying and acting as a guard to cover the surface of the any structure is defined as paint.

The composition of the paint is usually comprised of pigments, additives, binders, and solvents.

The paintings painted inside and outside of the building are termed as house paintings. Color is obtained by the addition of pigment to paint.

The pigments are firmly adhered and stuck to the surfaces with perfect bonding effect.

Different properties like splatter resistance, Ultra-Violet resistance, hardness of the paint film, easier brushing, and mildew resistance are well improved by addition of additives. The variety of house paints used for house paintings consists of latex paint and alkyd paint.

The two paints possess outstanding qualities but have got adversity to each other. House paintings are done to get aesthetic look to the house. Interior and exterior of house are wonderfully painted to add more attraction to the aesthetic appearance.

The walls of the houses are painted in different colors and designs in order to have compatibility with different colors, painted. In the terms of preference, alkyd paint is more preferred for house paintings by professional painters in comparison to latex paint.

Before painting the outside of the house, various factors are taken into account such as heat, cold and environmental pollution effects.

The exterior of the building is painted with paints which possess the qualities of a rubber which is said to be elastomeric paint. The characteristic feature is to fill small cracks and spread uniformly on the surface.

The interior of the house is painted with Epoxy paint which has got special qualities of resistance to chemical effects and displays tough characteristics. The finish obtained from epoxy paint is that of superior quality. Most of the people use this paint for painting their garage floors.

It is easy to choose paint for the interior of the house because it is least affected by the changes taking place around the surroundings. The concept of house painting is becoming a matter of pride how beautifully one's house is painted.


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